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Alexander Grabovetskiy’s online woodcarving school.

It is the best online woodworking school I have seen, and I have seen a lot of them over the years. There are no gimmicks, just European craft tradition solidly rooted in a lifetime of training and experience, taught by a true master woodcarver (if you know me you know I do not use that word lightly, and I believe that is what sets this school apart from many of the other schools out there). Part of that tradition entails sitting at the feet of a master and watching how they work. It’s remarkable how much you can learn watching someone take a piece from beginning to end and learning the framework that their personal craft methodology exists within. Learning to connect the dots of different skills and techniques is really what pushes you to the next level in whatever skill you are pursuing.

Alexander’s school gives you a look into his personal work philosophy and allows you to see the most important parts of carving through his eyes: drawing throughout the carving process, learning to think of carving in three dimensions, how to achieve that vision through your tools, gouge techniques and grips, and other minute details that take a lifetime of experience to gain and make a world of difference in practice. For example, hearing Alexander explain his methodology for using specific tools in certain situations, watching his workflow, how his sharpening setup and frequency, workholding, and workshop all flow together synergistically are things I’ve already taken away from his lessons.

I think one of the best ways to learn a skill is by watching a master, and Alexander is one of the few people I truly believe is a master in woodcarving. This probably sounds like a paid advertisement at this point, but I’m not affiliated with the school. I simply think this is the best carving school available to students today.

Luke Addington, Addington Furniture

I sign for the lessons couple of weeks ago and find Alexander very good in his teaching abilities. I am very happy. Site has a lot of very interesting and helpful information. This school great for beginners as well as advanced wood carvers. He offers variety of lessons for different technics. Alexander is really friendly and trying to serve you the best…
Highly recommended…

May 1st 2017

Michael Black

Have you ever wanted to watch a woodcarver create a masterpiece? Have you wanted to learn how he approaches and executes his work? Alexander Grabovetskiy has opened up his carving world to us, with friendly, welcoming dialogue and progressively improving filming that gives us the feel of looking over the master’s shoulder. Still trying to sharpen that V-tool correctly? Alex shows us his approach, and I’m happy to say it takes much of the mystery out of the process. If you are beyond the beginner’s stage and want to be challenged, or if you are ready to take that next step, Alex will lead you by example. In addition to carving his free-flowing, fluid artistry, he will be explaining and demonstrating furniture carving, and I can’t wait. Oh – and expect to suffer some serious tool envy.

Autumn Doucet

Alexander Grabovetskiy, He as an Artist, as a Wood Carver has in his possession the Vision and Masterful Execution of a Lifetime of experience. As an Educator Alex brings foresight and a wonderful senses of humor in addition to his Incredible Carving skills to the classroom…

I am honored to receive his tutelage.!

Robert Stokes

I was fortunate to have been able to take Alexander Grabovetskiy’s weeklong class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking titled “Carving with a Classical Flair” last week and it was not only very educational but also a lot of fun. As anyone who has seen his work can certainly appreciate, Alex is a truly gifted carver. However, he is also an excellent teacher who genuinely wants his students to learn. He repeatedly asked us, both as a group and also individually, if we were enjoying the class, if we were getting what we wanted out of it, if we understood what he was explaining, and so on.

As a beginning woodcarver, I wasn’t as concerned about the end result “project” as I was in learning more about “technique”. We started out with a review/demonstration of the sharpening techniques used for the various carving tool shapes, which I think most of us found quite valuable. We carved a deep relief of a grouping of grapes, grape leaves and acanthus leaves, with heavy undercutting. The various techniques presented (for me, learning the four basic design principles and gaining the confidence to draw my own fluid designs were of particular value) were exactly what I had hoped for. However, I am also very pleased with the project we did, and I now have the knowledge and confidence to attempt similar carving on my own. I still need to add some refinements, complete the undercutting even more, clean it up, and put a finish it, but my wife is already very pleased with how well it turned out in only my second attempt at carving. Many of the students left with very nice pieces, including Tom, who had never carved anything before the class and was using his late father’s carving tools for the first time.

I am a relatively new member of Alexander’s online school and I have watched all but two of the lessons thus far. There is a lot of value in watching someone carve, without the use of time lapse or heavy editing. As Alex says, it is a lot like being an apprentice, watching the master closely in order to learn the techniques involved. It helped me to see the pace of the carving, how the design is developed as things progress, etc. I am looking forward to the new lessons that he has announced will be coming shortly, but I am also very interested in seeing the final version of the Grinling Gibbons project, which is an enormous undertaking.

Mike Mason

Alexander’s school has been a great resource for me, even as a beginner in traditional carving. It is not just a collection of videos but is an interactive course in which he is very responsive through email. He faithfully posts new lessons and resources that are above and beyond what I had expected. By the way, after his demonstration of sharpening, I was even able to get the essential (but much dreaded) V-gouge sharpened to a razor fine edge. This was worth the cost for the whole month! Thanks, Alexander.

Rhonda Morris